The following values provide a foundation for the work of Khai Tzedek CIC, and support the vision to see justice and restoration in the lives of those we work on behalf of.

  1. We believe in transparency – in our behaviour, our relationships, our decisions and our finances. This means we will be clear and honest in all that we do, and will conduct ourselves and our work with integrity.
  2. We seek to build creative and engaging relationships with clients, colleagues, other professionals and agencies. This will enable us to access the best response for clients, and to develop the work of Khai Tzedek CIC.
  3. Our work is client focused – we commit to listening well to our clients and ensuring that their full consent, involvement and choice is promoted at every step. We will offer a safe, confidential and compassionate advocacy service.
  4. We will seek to involve clients wherever possible, or as appropriate, in helping to shape our service.
  5. In promoting the best interests of our clients, we will draw attention to processes and systems which may have a negative impact, and we will seek to offer possible solutions to these.
  6. We aim to build empowering, hope-filled relationships:
    – with clients, to help promote self-advocacy and a belief in their true value and ability to face the future.
    – with colleagues, to encourage full involvement and the development of ideas and skills.
  7. We will have respectful consideration for all those we meet (clients and non-clients). We will be courteous and seek to understand the various cultural perspectives of others, and learn from other people’s experiences.
  8. We aim that our business choices and practice will promote equity, fairness and freedom to people and to our planet. In the operation and running of the organisation we will adopt ethical solutions, where these are available, to everyday needs (e.g. business equipment, insurance, etc.)